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Peter Boyle delivers a strong and raw performance as Joe Curran, a racist factory worker who hates "hippies and niggers." The film deals with New York City advertising executive Bill Compton (Dennis Patrick), who kills Frank (Patrick McDermott), the junkie lover of his daughter Melissa (Susan Sarandon, in her film debut), when she ends up in a mental hospital after suffering an overdose of speed. Stunned by his rage, Bill goes into a bar and comes upon Joe, who discovers the murder and holds Bill in great esteem for his ...


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Jun 11, 2009

A Strange Motion Picture

I had seen this movie in a theatre when it made the rounds, but remembered little about it. Now that I have seen it a second time, I would state that it is one of the strangest movies I have ever seen! It is sort of an Archie Bunker meets "Falling Down" story line. The acting is uneven. Peter Boyle portrays a strong personality quite well, while Dennis Patrick, the mostly mild-mannered character who can be pushed to the limit when he explodes, comes across as somewhat robotic. But you won't fall asleep watching this movie because of the powerful story line, the action (some of it violent) and, well, its weirdness.

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