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Because director Franco Zeffirelli noted publicly that he intended to depict Jesus Christ as a human being rather than a religious icon, his expensive made-for-TV miniseries Jesus of Nazareth fell victim to protestors long before its April 3, 1977, debut. Despite the pullout of several sponsors, Jesus of Nazareth was aired as scheduled, sweeping the ratings in the process. In avoiding the usual overproduced Hollywood approach to the Gospels, Zeffirelli offers one of the most sensitive and reverent portrayals of Jesus ever ...

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Deborah D

Nov 17, 2011

I lovethis movie, the man who plays Jesus is perfect for the part. It is loving an gentle and just a great religious movie. I would recommend this to everyone.

Debbie Pittsburgh PA


Apr 8, 2010

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth DVD by Franco Zeffirelli is a classic. The scriptural quotes used are truly moving. The scene with Matthew the tax collector and Peter the fisherman will bring emotion from within. This is quite a long movie and definitely not a one night watch. I usually watch it in three nights. This is the best religious movie made as far as meaning goes. If you prefer entertainment and hollywood extravaganzas, then this is not for you. The Passion of the Christ or Ten Commandments would suit you better.


Sep 10, 2009

Viewing Jesus of Nazareth

I have enjoyed this 6 hour film and want to say that it is the best film on the Bible that I have ever seen because the producer went to great lengths to portray the local culture at the time of the life of Jesus. He also went to great lengths to bring out in detail the miracles related to the account in the gospels. The film goes from one miracle to another and one can see the incredible working of the hand of the Divine continually throughout the whole film. The involvement of the Divine with humanity comes to light repeatedly and brings new hope and comfort to the one watching the film. I also found the acting in this film to be superb, flawless. This is a film I would recommend to everyone and would not want people to miss the chance to see it!

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