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Alfred Hitchcock directed this disappointing misfire, memorable solely for the fact is that it is the final film from Hitchcock's early British period before he left for the Hollywood studio system and David O. Selznick. In the England of the 1800s, a group of ruthless smugglers, led by Sir Humphrey Pengallon (Charles Laughton), prey on ships by blacking out warning signals. When the ships crash on the rocks, the nefarious group loots the remains and kills the sailors. The plot kicks in when the beautiful orphan Mary ...

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Sep 18, 2010

If Hitchcock Did a Bond Flick...

In a way This movie is more Bond than some of the 007 ones. Imagine Long John Silver (Robert Newton) in his handsomest prime infiltrating a gang of evil thugs intent on ruination and then that agent meets and romances a lovely woman (Maureen O'Hara) who is in need of companionship. And say nothing good about the evil Squire (C. Laughton) and had this character been presented in one of Fleming's issuances, he would be the most evil diabolical of all. Just the fake eyebrows and evil sneering grin is enough to make you want to crawl quietly away. Before Bond, No one liked this film. After Bond, I can see that this is the rough draft they all were based on. Trehearne, 001, Spy, on his majesty's secret Service in 1820.
The DVD I watched had no added bonus features and the copy of the film has brought all its scratches and burn holes with it , all of which are easily ignored by the art of Hitchcock, Laughton, O'Hara and Newton. The sets are well representative of an exaggerated weathery Cornwall Coast. The costumes are very authentic and the make up on Laughton is so convincing of evil, well, you'll have to see for yourself.

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