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Released just over a month after his passing, George Carlin's It's Bad for Ya features the same material as his final HBO special of the same name, which aired in March of 2008, but it's a different recording from a much smoother performance. Carlin was well aware of his odds at the age of 70 -- which is "69 with a finger up its ass" -- but on first listen it's hard not to get the creeps as the comedian obsesses on death, mostly his own, for the front half of the album. There's no solace to be found as his no-nonsense (and ...

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  1. Opening
  2. Old Fuck
  3. Goin' Through My Address Book
  4. Things We Say When People Die
  5. He's Smiling Down
  6. Parents in Hell
  7. People Refuse to Be Realistic
  8. Dead Parents Helping
  9. A Couple of Other Questions
  10. Today's Professional Parents
  11. The Self-Esteem Movement
  12. Every Child Is Special
  13. Children Are Our Future
  14. Raisin' a Child Is Not Difficult
  15. I Like People
  16. Stupid Bullshit
  17. Stupid Bullshit on the Phone
  18. What a Phone Call Should Be
  19. In a Coma
  20. Their Kids!
  21. They Want to Show You the Pictures
  22. Just Enough Bullshit
  23. No One Questions Things
  24. Proud to Be an American
  25. God Bless America
  26. Takin' Off Yer Hat
  27. Swearing on the Bible
  28. You Have No Rights
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