Islam: A Short History


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In the public mind, Islam is a religion of extremes: it is the world's fastest growing faith; more than three quarters of the world's refugees are Islamic; it has produced government by authoritarian monarchies in Saudi Arabia and ultra republicans in Iran. Whether we are reading about civil war in Algeria or Afghanistan, the struggle for the soul of Turkey, or political turmoil in Pakistan or Malaysia, the Islamic context permeates all these situations. Karen Armstrong's elegant and concise book traces how Islam grew from ...

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Joel S

Feb 9, 2016

Karen Armstrong - Need One Say More!

The history of Islam is long and fairly complicated. Armstrong does a masterful job of distilling and presenting information from many sources. I am always mystified by her books - she seems to have read and absorbed everything in many specialties.

Her books require serious and focused reading. The reader is repaid with valuable understanding.


Jan 31, 2014

A must read to understand Islam!

Karen Armstrong perhaps the most scholarly author of our time concerning the great world religions, once again provides an indepth understanding regarding the founding history and religion that is Islam. Any student or reader who wants to gain a greater appreciation of Islam should avail themselves of this interesting historical review of one of the worlds fastest growing religions.


Jun 11, 2009


This slim volume contains more succint information on this fascinating religion, than a multi-volume set.. Armstrong's careful and objective hand steers the reader towards not simply what it means to be a Muslim, but priovides the historical and geographical context. Carefully, and with with wit and grace,, she deflates stereotypes, innuendos, and rumors about the world's most popular and populous religion. A must for any personal library.


May 21, 2009

Islam A Short History

This book gave me informaiton about the Islamic religion that was helpful and interesting. I think that anybody who does not have a good understanding of the Islamic religion should read this book.

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