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Published to coincide with the release of the sequel, "My Ishmael", and the Hollywood movie based on the great ape's story, this "New York Times" bestseller presents a series of philosophical conversations between a man and a great ape. A wise and moving novel, "Ishmael" ultimately asks, "Does the Earth belong to man or does man belong to the Earth?"

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Anthony W

Sep 15, 2011


"With man gone, will there be hope for gorilla?"
"With gorilla gone, will there be hope for man?"

Read this and follow up with "The story of B" and "My Ishmael".

A perspective that we all see, but tend to ignore because it is easier to follow the current.

Ukumbwa - Indigeny & Energetics

May 7, 2009

Important book....must read...

....just know that the book develops slowly and comes to a much more essential development later in the book. But as a template for understanding the ultimate human mistake of modernism, this book is irreplaceable as a fictionalized trip in the reality of our current social/environmental/spiritual dilemma. Quinn takes us on an odd ride with a homo sapien and a lower (?) primate that ultimately teaches him and then us one of the most difficult lessons that we will have to face - that this wonderful, material, self-satisfactory, techno-industrial path we've embarked the wrong path. Anyone who's checked their arrogancio del postmodernismo at the door will get the message. If you're all-too-comfortable in this world of social decay and environmental destruction, just head for Stephen King or Deepak Chopra.

Don't make this your only transformational read, but let it sing as a quiet and functional anthem.


Oct 16, 2008

Ishmael- A book so simple yet so profound. If you are concerned with our world today and think we need to re-evalute and re-direct ourselves, read Ishmael.
I have bought several copies to give to friends and I think this should be " A Must-Read" in school, so that our future generation has a chance to make an informed choice of life-style....not blindly follow our current "Culture Trends" without knowing the consequences.
5 Stars to Ishmael

Avid Reader Nirak


Feb 1, 2008

If you want to change the world-start here!

The message in this book is so simple to grasp, but like the narrator, how do we get others to heed it. The way we view the world has got to change if we are going to accomplish a significant change in solving its problems. As Einstein said: "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." After I read the book, I read it to my wife, and we are telling everyone to read it.


Jan 31, 2008

Must Read

The first book in Quinn's master trilogy. It felt like a wake-up call with a slap on the side. This novella should be required reading for every citizen of this planet. He works wonders with the trilogy as a body, approaching from three different angles and highlighting details from above, below, inside, and out.

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