Introduction to Solid State Physics


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Using the simplifications made possible by the availability of computer technology, this is a solid state physics text for physics students. It emphasises on physics rather than formal mathematics. It attempts to add important developments in the field without sacrificing the book's accessibility and teachability.

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May 3, 2016

As Promised

Text was received as promised, in a timely manner. Highly recommended seller.


Sep 25, 2010

Don't waste your time/money

This is a required text for class, but almost no one in the class is using it. It is BORING with minimal conceptual content. The author skips steps in just about everything he explains. Symbols are reused or left unexplained. The author sometimes says things "will become clear later" and never comes back to it. There are also few examples. It's just another dry textbook written by someone who is clearly a math geek..

The worst part is, this is supposed to be one of the better texts on the subject. This subject COULD be fun if the textbook were well written, but it seems everyone who (supposedly) understands it couldn't explain it to save their life. May have to write a textbook myself. There is certainly a need for a good one.


Nov 26, 2009

Good book for review

The book is good for those who've had an introduction to solid state physics before, and want to review it. Not so good for the first timer.

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