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Not so very long ago, Eragon--Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider--was nothing more than a poor farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, only a blue stone in the forest. Now the fate of an entire civilization rests on their shoulders. Long months of training and battle have brought victories and hope, but they have also brought heartbreaking loss. And still, the real battle lies ahead: they must confront Galbatorix.

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Apr 10, 2014

End of the Saga

In this fourth and final book of the series, Eragon comes into his own as a dragon rider, discovers the truth about his lineage, makes peace with Murtagh and Roran, resolves his internal conflict over his attraction to Arya and learns to use understanding in an unconventional way in the final battle with Galbatorix.

Even more important the book goes on for several chapters beyond the end of the war where most fantasies would have ended. It looks at post-war chaos, devastation, confusion, and maneuvering in the power vacuum left after the conflict. Paolini has a deep insight into the aftermath of war far beyond the abundant hack and slash of battle of which there is plenty..


Jul 16, 2013

great story

I loved this series. I hope he returns to this world again.


Jan 26, 2012

Great Book

Excellent conclusion to his series. Christopher Paolini has grown in style and storytelling ability in the years between Eragon and Inheritance. Well done!


Jan 5, 2012


I read it in english, although it is not my mothertounge. I love this book and i'm happy that i read it in the original language. The book was so worth it! The story was exciting, you can not stop reading it.Please read the other books before you read this, so you keep up with the story.


Dec 31, 2011

Wonderful ending to a good series

The two copies of this book that I got from this company for my siblings were in immaculate condition. I have to confess that since I don't have the money to buy a copy for myself right now I read my sister's copy before giving it to her. It was a fantastic read. Be forewarned, once you pick it up you will not put it down until you've finished it.

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