In the Hall of the Dragon King


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'A deep resonant peal rang out. Quentin puzzled over the meaning of this bell; he had not heard it before that he could remember. Suddenly it came to him. Alarm!' At dead of night, Quentin is suddenly woken. A mortally wounded knight has stumbled onto the threshold of the temple where Quentin serves as acolyte to the god Ariel. Now Quentin must choose - a life of ease, or an unknown path fraught with danger. Accompanied by loyal companions, he sets out on a life-changing quest which brings him into deadly conflict with ...

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Jun 26, 2009

book liked

This book was ordered for my 13 yr.old grandson and he liked it very much


Jan 23, 2008

First book in the "Dragon King Trilogy"

Quentin, a young acolyte, makes a choice to give up his position in the Temple of Ariel to take up a dangerous mission. A letter to the Queen must be delivered post haste and the knight entrusted with the mission lay dying in the temple where Quentin serves.
Now an outcast from the holy temple Quentin wonders about his future after this mission is over. What will become of him, But what He can't deny is that He felt he must be the one to accomplish this deed.
After delivering the letter to the Queen He finds himself swept into a dangerous quest to locate and save the "Dragon King".
This quest becomes more dangerous with every mile because the Prince , who is in league with the evil wizard Nimrod, is determined to keep the King locked away and steal the throne for himself. He has sent his evil minnons to stop Quentins traveling band at all costs.
The Quest leads Quentin to the lost city of Dekra the last place of "great power" left. Here he is given new insight into the mystical truth of someone they call 'the god'. He receives a blessing from "the god" who He meets in a vision and his Quest continues.
Having become seperated from the other half of his traveling party he now goes in search of them. This Quests lead to the very last place Quentin wants to go,the island where the great wizard Nimrod dwells in his black castle.
There are shipwrecks, dangerous storms, and evil untold as the quest to save the King continues.
All finally leads to a battle for the very Kingdom and the secret to the missing King is uncovered just in time by Quentin who through no choice of his own is thrust into the very heart of the dark secrets of Nimrod.
As an adult this was obviously written for young adults but it was a wonderful story. The characters were full of life and the story unique. It is a story about bravery and faith that develops in the heart of the main character Quentin. There are many more incredible characters that I have not mentioned here due to space and time.
This is the first in a trilogy. The second book is called THE WARLORDS OF NIN and the third is THE SWORD AND THE FLAME.
Stephen Lawhead is a seasoned author and his writing shows it. I think you will enjoy this book and the rest of Quentins adventures as followed through in the next two books.
Happy reading.

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