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The year is 2095 and the ancient Egyptian gods have returned to Earth to cast judgment on the falcon-headed god Horus in this epic fantasy from comic-book creator Enki Bilal. Given only one week by the gods to preserve his immortality, Horus must search New York City and find both a human host whose body he will inhabit and a willing mate to continue his legacy. As the enormous pyramid of the gods looms ominously over Manhattan, a beautiful and mysterious young woman named Jill wanders the streets in search of her true ...


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May 11, 2010

This Is Soo Goood!

TITLE: Immortal [Immortel (ad vitam)]
GENRE: SciFi, near term alien encounter
CAST: Linda Hardy, Thomas Kretschmann and Charlotte Rampling
PLOT: Two alien races appear almost simultaneously in and over New York City. One race seems to serve the other by providing creation vessels for them to continue existence in (They don't really die, and it's not quite re-incarnation but one body perishes and they continue in a newborn as a god) Horus of Egyptian legend claims this is the world where he grew and created man. Now he has returned to recycle himself but humanity has done so much bio-engineering, he cannot find a suitable male to use as his body. Meanwhile that other race has planted a slowly becoming female into the population. Some of her physical oddities make her stand out as not human and probably the vessel the God needs.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 9.5 of 10; This will certainly be a movie remembered for the groundbreaking amount of computer generated images. The producers claim it is the first ever in which no real background exists for the whole movie. I won't dispute that. I will say they made a gem whatever they did.
DVD BONUS: Two almost identical behind the scenes of... one for the art and one for the computer work
ADDED NOTES: Leave it to the French for doing things others have difficulty figuring out. They made this film of one of their favorite graphic novels and did it in English and took three years to do it in English. I'm so happy they did that I must say, Thank You monsieurs et madams et madamoiselles. (If that's wrong French, forget it and go watch this movie.)

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