I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective: Psychological Games * Real IT Analysis * Legal Matters * Gender Studies


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This cybercrime true detective story involves 7 countries in 4 continents. Computer Engineer Selina Co brainwashes the criminals and trace criminals in the Internet using her IT systems. Gradually, Selina takes up the skills as a white hat hacker and establishes a cybercrime detective company to help the public.

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Oct 17, 2019

Literary Titan

I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective is a true story and cautionary tale written by Selina Co. The story follows Selina as she tries to move on from a lost love and toward someone new. She wants everything he says he feels and everything he claims about himself to be true. She wants to believe him and help him in many ways, including financially. They say that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Is Frederick too good to be true?

Selina seems to side-step or ignore every red flag that springs up in her path. She knows about the cat-fishing game that has become so rampant that catfish pop up on Dr. Phil regularly and even have a television show named in their honor. She knows what to watch for, but explains how she second guesses and doubts herself and her instincts. The need for true love clouds even the most clear-headed people. Love, and the prospect of love muddies the waters. Psychological games by the perpetrators also play a massive part. Selina was no exception to how people get swept up and pulled in.

One of the things that gets past Selina's guard is the problem with language and accent. She mentions that Frederick's accent doesn't quite match up with his origins. People tend to take on the accent of the place in which they grow up. Also, she mentions that Frederick sometimes had perfect English, and sometimes there were missing words or his grammar was a little off. This is common for scammers. More clues were photos that didn't always seem quite right. Addresses didn't match up. Then, he started asking her for money. Big. Red. Flag. He managed to explain away the whys and create believable scenarios.

Co bravely peels back the layers of her story in order to warn others and teach them how to be their own detectives. She selflessly wants others to heed the signals and gut instincts that she let herself ignore. She also wants to give victims next-step procedures to do once they realize they've been had. She writes the book in an easily digestible way that will allow readers to see themselves in her. It could be anyone. It was her, so it could be them. As the book successfully reaches larger audiences, it will have such a huge affect on those who are targeted by such scams. Hopefully, it will help individuals to stop virtual con artists in their tracks.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has any sort of online presence. It should be required reading before even considering dating online. The scammers are rampant, and this book serves such an important purpose as a guide for things to watch for as well as what to do next if you've been victimized by a scammer. Selina also gives power back to people who have been scammed. It isn't the end, and there are things you can do.

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