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In Ignorance, set in contemporary Prague, one of the most distinguished writers of our time takes up the complex and emotionally charged theme of exile and creates from it a literary masterpiece. A man and a woman meet by chance while returning to their homeland, which they had abandoned twenty years earlier when they chose to become exiles. Will they manage to pick up the thread of their strange love story, interrupted almost as soon as it began and then lost in the tides of history? The truth is that after such a long ...

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Jul 3, 2007

A wonderfully nuanced view of exile and memory

Milan Kundera has a gift for putting into words the most minute feelings that all human beings have, a way to give name to that which we have felt but never been able to name. This is totally evident in Ignorance, a magical book dealing with the concepts of exile and memory - its flaws, its shared nature, it's capacity to both give us a home and detach us from progress. In its two main characters, and their surrounding circle of friends and family, Kundera is able to show us how most of us relate to the experience of being away from the place where we were known and grew up, and the possibilities and pitfalls of any return to it - having lived away from my country of birth for 10 years now, I found myself on the verge of tears at various points, and recognized many of the wonderful and infuriating traits we all develop in this situation.

A magical book, even if towards the end it unravels a little. A most recommended read.

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