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Without his penis, comedian Robert Schimmel wouldn't know what to do with himself. Without his penis, Schimmel would have very little to say. Without his penis, Schimmel wouldn't have an act. Schimmel spends such a great part of his second album, If You Buy This CD I Can Get This Car, talking about his, and other guys', penises that it seems somewhat criminal that the member isn't mentioned somewhere in the title. Whether he's downloading porn (which inevitably leads to a giant picture of a penis sent to him via e-mail), ...

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  1. The Gym
  2. Sea World/Santa at the Mall/Demi Moore
  3. Rental Car Insurance/Richie Valens' Plane/Airline Security/Dogs
  4. My Daughter
  5. Sperm Bank
  6. America Online
  7. Porno Awards/Hollywood Bullshit
  8. Sex and Your Heart Attack!
  9. Prison Love/I Wanna F*** You/Jack Shack
  10. If You Buy This CD, I Can Get This Car
  11. If You Buy This CD, I Can Get This Car
  12. I'm So Good in Bed
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