I Let You Go


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Contains readers guide and preview of I see you.

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Aug 24, 2018

Shock-Filled Twists!

An exceptional debut thriller!

On a rainy December afternoon in Bristol, England a five-year-old boy is the victim of a hit-and-run.
The car backs up and speeds away leaving a mother wailing in the street.

Jenna Gray just has to get away. She flees to a remote cottage outside of Penfach, a small village on the Welsh coast.
She wants to escape the nightmares of the accident playing over and over in her head and to deal with the grief of losing her son.
Also to try and put a troubled past behind her.

Back in Bristol, Detective Inspector Ray Stevens and Detective Constable Kate Evans work the case of the hit-and-run.
The follow fruitless lead after hopeless lead on the twisting case. Even months later when they are told to close the case they continue to work it on their own time. They are tenacious.

Then there's Ian Peterson. Don't even get me started on that sick bastard.

This is one of the most twist-filled stories that I've ever read.
There is a nicely-paced build up to the end of Part 1. That's were you receive a jaw dropper.
There have been hints along the way but you have to pay really close attention. Sometimes even to the punctuation. Say a semi-colon instead of a comma.
Ms. Mackintosh's deft writing kept me second guessing myself the whole way. Brilliant!

After that, it's unputdownable. A headlong rush into shocks and twists that lead to an ending that will knock the wind out of you.

Superb! (less)

1 Silent Rating

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