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One cold autumn night, a woman is found hanging from a beam in her summer cottage by Lake Thingvellir. At first sight it appears to be a straightforward case of suicide; the woman, Maria, had never recovered from the loss of her mother two years earlier and had a history of depression. But when Karen, the friend who found her body, approaches Erlendur and gives him the tape of a seance that Maria had attended, his curiosity is aroused. Driven by a need to find answers that even he does not fully understand, Erlendur embarks ...

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Oct 18, 2014

Just Didn't Grab Me

This book just didn't grab me. It seemed to me that this plot has been similar to his other books. I loved "Voices." That grabbed me.
This book just kind of meandered along.

Janet A

Feb 28, 2013

A Must Read

The author has twists and turns that will surprise you.
An enjoyable thriller!

Janet A.

Martin D

Jul 7, 2011

Best Yet

This is book six in the series available in English,it is the best yet when finished book seven awaits, this book like the previous one doesn't spend loads of copy going back in time which does take time to get used to. Thoroughly recommend this book if you like crime(murder) fiction.


Oct 20, 2010

Read this as part of a wonderful series

This is the sixth in this excellent series. If you like crime fiction I would urge you to read these novels in sequence. Over time you will learn about a moody and troubled policeman Erlendur who does things his own way - old fashioned detective work. No red herrings or blind alleys to mislead the reader just simple story telling which is interwoven by the history of our central character that means he is forever at a loss to explain his inability to socialise. How this back story unravels against each story in the series is what takes Indridason's writing to a different level.
Brilliant translation, quality writing set against the unique background of Iceland where one person's missing relative is another unsolved murder....perhaps. Read this once you've read the earlier books. Don't be put off by the seance plot - it plays out in a very normal story we can all identify with, this is a down to earth account of loss and searching for truth. It is the theme of the book both in the story and Erlendur's own journey of self-discovery.


Mar 4, 2010

Great Service

Quick delivery and good price on a book very difficult to find in the U.S.

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