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After her policeman father testifies against a fellow officer, Toswiah Green and her family are forced to change identities and move to a new city. Now Toswiah is Evie Thomas, wondering who she is and how she can make her future as bright as her past once was.

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The Pageturner

Jan 3, 2009

Children's Book of Quality

Many authors in this age truly underestimate the level of understanding that children have, so they create "cutesy books". Woodson, however, is a literary artist who weaves serious issues into a story that is excellent. It is beautifully written and the characters balance with one another. There is no sense of one character over powering another and the story is quite concise and flows very well. I would recommend this book for older children about 10 years old at the youngest. It is a great book that leads to open discussion and would be nice when beginning to teach children how to analyze a story.

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