Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death


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This pioneering work on psychic research considers such topics as extrasensory perception, hypnotism, hallucination, split personalty, and related topics. Still considered by many to be the most comprehensive book on telepathy and the unconscious.

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Feb 4, 2014

A must Read

This book is usually in 2 volumes. Each book has the basic tenets/arguments of the book in the front of the volume, and the footnotes are in the rear of the book as case studies.

This book addresses both questions about the afterlife, but also questions about psychology, hypnotism, the nature of personality, etc. This book took me forever to read, not because it's poorly written, but because of the book having a "jaw-dropper" on about every paragraph. Myers was a genius and his associates were the founders of the British Psychical Society, and modern Psychology. For anyone interested in this sort of thing this is a book that has to be read.

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