How to Stop Worrying and Start Living


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Worry affects everyone and descends with ease upon work, money, family life and relationships. This book offers practical strategies for breaking out of this destructive habit, before it breaks you. Dale Carnegie shows how worry has been conquered by thousands, some famous, but most just ordinary people, and offers practical suggestions for leading a more positive and enjoyable life. Worry-free tips include: - Fundamental facts you should know about worry - A magic formula for solving worry situations - How to eliminate ...

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Jul 30, 2010

Required Reading

This book should be required reading for all humans. In school, one learns spelling, math, etc., and yet the very subject with which one is challenged in life - in any occupation, at any socio-economic level - namely stress and anxiety...this is not addressed. How often, if ever, is such a course on how to let go of worry & anxiety offered, let alone required, in grade school or college?

Read this book, treat it as a life-manual, apply the'll be so better off for it. It's what we should all be taught before and with everything else in life. You will gain much from this book.


Jul 7, 2010

Timeless Advice

This book was written later in Carnegie's life, after having met many people and done many things. He accounts for many of these people and places during hard times and successful times. I think the range of people that he quotes from is astonishing. Plain people and famous people that he had met. Also quotes from philosophers and educators throughout history... All of it to summarize ways to think and things to do that will enrich living instead of destroy it by worry.


Aug 23, 2008

Help a friend that worry's with this book!

I found a copy of this book in a thrift shop and it was such a great read! This book was written years ago by Dale Carnegie who is known for his motivational books and materials. I heard of him years ago when some of my co-workers were using his methods to help them make speeches. This little book came along at just the right time for me in my career. The company I worked for was undergoing many changes and was going through some challenges with my husbands health and my son left for college. This book even gives Bible verses as examples and I enjoyed it so much I shared it with several of my close friends getting copies for them as well. They really enjoyed it as well!

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