Hope in the Mountain River


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This epic journey is not at all what she expected. Joel Vargas can't believe he's lost his older brother in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains after surviving their harrowing voyage across the Atlantic. And he can't shake the feeling that Adam-his only living relative-is in dire trouble. No matter what the cost, he and his band of friends won't stop until Adam is found. He's not sure if two Indian women they meet on the way will be a help or hindrance. After the devastating loss of her daughter and husband to a ...

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Apr 8, 2020

Tender romance, exciting adventure!

When Elan journeyed from her home after the death of her daughter and husband, she never expected to meet someone who could fill the emptiness consuming her heart. She yearns for something to live for, a fulfilling purpose. These desires cause her to wonder about her relationship with God.

A seemingly accidental meeting in the wilderness leads to Elan and her friend Meksem agreeing to guide Joel Vargas and his group on their quest to find Adam, Joel's brother. But nothing, with God involved in our lives, is really accidental. Joel and Elan are drawn to each other from their first meeting. Elan's heart is not healed from her loss and she fears falling in love.

As they traverse the wilderness in this second book of the Call of the Rockies series, the dangers of the winter test their faith. Both Joel and Elan turn to God individually as the only source of protection and healing.

One of the things I enjoyed was reading about the different native american cultures depicted in Hope in the Mountain River. I also especially enjoyed scenes with an adorable toddler. It surprised me to realize some tribes had such negative views of each other. Yet the members of the group in this adventure worked to see the good in each other and overcome any racial prejudices.

"...surely there was some good among the tribe. As Joel said, I've always tried to judge a man according to his own actions, not what people or tribe he was born into."

I enjoyed the little details that showed Joel's and Elan's growing feelings for each other. Their concern and tender care for each other is charming!

Misty M. Beller puts her characters through a lot. It was difficult to put this book down during the final chapters!

As the book concludes, Joel, Elan, and their friends embark on a new mission which I predict will be extremely challenging. This seems like a cliffhanger but I was satisfied with how the important plot points of this novel and the romance wound up.

I want to learn how the characters make it out of their dilemmas in the next book of the series! If you love Christian historical romance, especially set in early America, check out this captivating story.

I received a free advanced reader copy of this book. All opinions are completely my own.

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