High Fidelity


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High Fidelity is Nick Hornby's hilarious and heart-breaking first novel bestseller Do you know your desert-island, all-time, top five most memorable split-ups? Rob does. He keeps a list, in fact. But Laura isn't on it - even though she's just become his latest ex. He's got his life back, you see. He can just do what he wants when he wants: like listen to whatever music he likes, look up the girls that are on his list, and generally behave as if Laura never mattered. But Rob finds he can't move on. He's stuck in a really ...

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Aug 30, 2009

A Classic of Modern Life

John Cusak was pitch perfect in the movie version of High Fidelity with his portrayal of the slightly manic, self-doubting, never-completely-happy record shop owner. As a bachelor well into my thirties, I could relate to Rob?s craving for love and security and his opposing fear of the safe and mundane. It?s not a novel theme, but Mr. Hornby is spot on with his often painful, sometimes hilarious dissection of the modern English male?hip in popular culture but lacking in grace and honor.

Though I liked the movie, the book is even better. Mr. Hornby?s English colloquialisms give the story an authentic ring and flair. Typically the movie went with a boffo Hollywood ending (wherein the protagonist suddenly transforms his life overnight), but author went with a less satisfying, more realistic, bittersweet ending.


May 1, 2009

what really matters is what you like...

...not what you are like

The book is hilarious. If you have seen the film, you should still read the book, its brilliant. I took it on holiday with me for reading on the plane. I was sitting between a woman I didn't know and my sound asleep boyfriend, actually laughing out loud at the book. The woman on my right must have thought I was crazy.

Rob entertains you throughout the book with his top five lists - top five side one, track ones, top five most memorable break ups, top five films, his dads top five films etc. If you like films and music and tend to judge people (slightly) for their own taste in these matters, you'll definately find a little bit of yourself in this book!

It's a really light and entertaining read with just enough to think about to keep you engaged throughout. It's entertaining, not heavy literature. The references to pop culture are brilliant and you really get drawn in to the lives of the characters.

One of my favorite books.

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