High Country Bride


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In the premiere of her newest trilogy, the acclaimed author of "Springwater Wedding" and "The Last Chance Caf" brings readers three sexy cowboy brothers, three damsels in distress, and enough Old West charm to fill a corral.

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Sep 15, 2013

A Story With Laughter, Tears and Heart:

This book opens a wonderful series ? one of the best I?ve read to date. Angus McKettrick has 3 sons who are still sowing wild oats and Angus recognizes that he is not getting any younger. Thus, the old cattle baron sets up a competition: Whichever son marries and produces the first grandchild will inherit the Triple M ranch (zillions of acres in Arizona Territory).

Already competitive, each of the three McKettrick men starts scouring the countryside for a bride. Each man dreads the idea of working for one of his brothers. Rafe McKettrick, eldest son, will do anything to win the Triple M.

Emmeline Harding, an orphan raised by her aunt in a brothel, has found herself in a compromising position. Aunt Becky has done everything she could to keep Emmeline from becoming one of ?her girls.? But Emmeline wakes up in a strange bed, finds herself in her skivvies and as hung-over as can be. When she and her Aunt see the money beside the bed, they have a terrible fight and Emmeline decides she must leave Kansas City. With no money, she notices ads for mail-order brides.

Still torn with guilt, Emmeline accepts the bride vouchers and starts on her way to meet her new husband (married by proxy in Kansas City). Then the fun begins.

By turns, this book has the reader laughing, crying and fuming with the ?stupidity of some people.? It doesn?t take long to figure out that the 3 men are fairly clueless about women ? and Rafe is the worst. Other than a couple of ridiculous coincidences, this book is charming.

McKettricks Series
1. High Country Bride (2002)
2. Shotgun Bride (2003)
3. Secondhand Bride (2004)
4. McKettrick's Choice (2005)


Apr 30, 2010


It was a great story...loved the fact that characters from the other books were brought into this one so we can see what happens to them all!


Jun 9, 2007

One of the best

I really enjoyed this book aftre I read it. I reread all of the others in the serries. I loved the way she brought out the couple and the prombles they face. I also enjoyed the temper that Raf had and the way that Emmline stood her ground. I love the way that Raf and Emmline story was very heartwarming and funny .

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