He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys


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A brilliantly witty and entertaining guide to interpreting men from the writers of Sex and the City. Fresh from helping Carrie and the gang with their dating dilemmas, they've given the rest of us a decoder ring to the men in our lives. But this book isn't just about eliminating the bad apples -- it's also about holding onto the good ones. / This hilarious, playful, but honest explanation of male behaviour from the writers of Sex and the City is designed to stop women wasting their time chasing after men who aren't into ...

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Andrea H

Oct 19, 2015

Wish I read when I was a teenager

I am 69 and a friend of mine gave the original copy to me to give one of my students. I decided to read it for fun first. I couldn't put it down. It made me laugh a lot and opened my eyes. I truly wish this had been available 50 years ago. It could save girls and women so much grief. More importantly, it gives them tools for having a good relationship. It is written with great humor and a lot of truth.
I ordered an extra copy just to lend to my friends and students.


Oct 15, 2009

Save your emotional life

This book is great for those young and old alike who are in the dating world. Listen to the words and make yourself feel a sense of freedom!


Nov 25, 2007

Well i really liked this book, it kind of follows some of the same rules and concepts for dating from the book "The Rules" ( which is like the best dating advice book ever). This book was funny and very easy to read.


Nov 25, 2007

not just for "She"s

This book was wonderful! Funny, insightful, and applicable. I found myself noticing, "oh my god, I do that!" And not only for the side making excuses, but for the side they're being made for. Not only can this book help you realize, "hey, maybe he/she isnt that into me," it can also help you realize, "Oh, I guess I am not that into him/her." And although the book is written in a hetero-normative voice, many many of the ideas can apply to homosexual relationships as well. It is a very easy and quick read. Even if it is not "life changing," it is a book worthy of an afternoon and some afterthought.


Jun 28, 2007

Reality Check

For most of my early life, I constantly threw myself at boys & men who used, dumped & humiliated me. The worst part was I asked for it! Greg & Liz have performed a public service writing these books about the way men behave in relationships. Written in plain language & with interesting anecdotes throughout, this book can change your attitude & free you from crippling delusions. Stop wasting your precious time on guys broadcasting a low level of interest in you, Ladies! Great book, highly recommended!

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