Her Mother's Hope


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The first in an epic two-book saga, this sweeping story explores the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters as each woman is forced to confront her faulty but well-meaning desire to help her daughter find her God-given place in the world.

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Oct 18, 2017

Women's stories brought to life through the decade

Her Mother's Hope is a fascinating story about a young Swiss woman named Marta who endures many hardships but never loses her pluck and determination or her dreams. She makes unconventional choices for young women of her time in the early 1900s, going from Switzerland to France to England to Canada. ?In Canada, she meets her husband and together they live through more difficult challenges before and after settling their family in California.

Unfortunately, Marta's past and the personality traits that are emphasized in her because of it set up a difficult relationship between her and her oldest daughter, Hildemara. Only the strong survive and Marta is determined to raise a daughter as strong as she is. It's evident that they love each other but can not find their way over the wall between them.

The story of these two women and their families is told in detail through different time periods of history, bringing each to life vividly. I was very drawn into the saga.

After reading this volume, it's a good idea to follow up with "Her Daughter's Dream" - chronicling the story of Hildemara's daughter and granddaughter. Happy reading!


Aug 5, 2010

A delightful read. Relative to our culture. She has a true gift of expression and detail.


Jun 10, 2010

It's one of Francine's books! Need I say more? Of course it was wonderful.


Apr 26, 2010

Review of Her Mother's Hope

With a clear picture of an abusive life and the wonder of redemption, Her Mother's Hope (Book One of the Marta's Legacy Series) Francine Rivers gently weaves reality into redemption.

There is no escape, or so it seems, from life's harsh tribulations for some. So it was with Marta Waltert and her daughter Hildie. Set in the early 20th century and spanning the globe, this book brings to focus the generational behaviors, some good and some very bad, passed from parent to child and on again.

The parenting style of abuse will touch the hearts of those who have suffered at the hand of a parent who should have been provided protection, love and comfort but because of their own reactions to difficulties in their lives, pass on an insecure and abusive tradition to their children. It reveals the realization many feel when they say `I'll never be like my father` only to discover through trials of their own, that they react with the same destructive behavior only opposite in their application.

Marta desires to fulfill her own mother's dreams for her and Hildie does as well. It is interesting to see the different path each woman takes on their way to this goal.

The first 14 Chapters are of Marta and her perspective. The remaining 30 are from Hildemara Rose. The `Note to the Reader` section was particularly enlightening because they reveal the story behind the writing of Her Mother's Hope as the author walks the reader through the real life events in her life that inspired many of the scenes and events in the book. At the end is a Discussion Guide perfect for Book Clubs and Reader's Group.

If you are looking for a quick read, this is not the one. But, if you are a Christian looking for an engaging story that will connect with your personal walk with God, time is not an issue. It is beautifully written, with extraordinary insight into the mother daughter relationship.

I recommend it highly and give this one (as all Francine Rivers novels) high marks.

The review copy of this book was provided free of charge by Tyndale House Publishers and was donated to the library of Westwood Baptist Church.

Reviewed by: Keiki Hendrix
Reviewed for: Tyndale House Publishers


Apr 12, 2010

Family Epic Story

I?ve read and have been deeply moved by Francine Rivers? books, so I anxiously awaited my review copy of this epic story. Francine does an amazing job of creating complex characters which instantly grab at your heart strings.

The reader first meets Marta Schnieder as a young girl doing her best to cope with a task master father. She loves to learn and has great dreams of speaking many languages, going to college and maybe even owning a business. Marta's dream crashes when her father demands she work several jobs to make money for the family. Marta vows she will never be just a servant girl. She would prove her father?s image of her wrong.

Her mother comforts Marta saying, ?Marta, listen to me?It doesn?t matter what your father plans, nor what his motives might be. God will prevail. God will use anything to His good purpose if you love and trust Him.?

Marta says, ?I know what I want in life, and I?m going after it. I?m not going to let things happen to me. I?m going to make things happen.?

Not only is Marta feisty, but she has a good eye for business and will fight for what is right. I was amazed at how Marta embraced modern conveniences as they were available. The first big leap was indoor plumping. What a treat for her and her family.

Since I?ve grown up having all these new gadgets I found it quite interesting to read about people discovering them for the first time. It was fascinating to see how it changed family dynamics and the way people lived life. I was intrigued by history with all its changes and how people treated one another during each phase.

I enjoyed the use of personal letters written between the characters. It was very affective in getting to know the heart of each character; it also made the story very personal. You?ll be as interested as I am to see how this family survives the war in the sequel, which is due out Fall of 2010.

Nora St.Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator
Finding Hope Through Fiction

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