Henry Adams and the Making of America


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Bestselling author Wills showcases Henry Adams little-known but seminal studyof the early United States, and draws from it fresh insights on the paradoxesthat roil America to this day.

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Apr 5, 2007

History According to Henry Adams

A terrific entrée to Henry Adams' 9 volume history of the US during the administrations of Jefferson and Madison 1800-1817. The first half of the book shows the development of Adams as an historian, while the second half summarizes the History volume by volume with ample quotes to illustrate Adams' style. While most readers are familiar with the Education of Henry Adams, few have taken on the onerous challenge of the History, perhaps because of its size, perhaps out of fear that it will be a ponderous tome. Wills book offers the opportunity to meet Adams, the man, and to sample his "prose masterpiece," described by Wills as "the best writing he ever did." After reading this teaser you just may find yourself eager to tackle the original. I did!

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