Hemalayaa: Beautiful Belly ()

directed by James Wvinner
featuring Hemalayaa

Show Synopsis

Fitness expert Hemalayaa leads this workout program combining yoga, aerobics, and dance. Three routines are included, each designed to focus attention on strengthening and shaping the abs, while providing a fun, exciting workout. Cammila Collar, Rovi

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Jun 5, 2008

Weird fun.

There is just one issue that keeps me from giving this 5 stars. It moves between floor routines and cardio very quickly, and there are some sections where my bony feet get pressed awkwardly to the floor and I can't concentrate on doing the moves because of the discomfort. So it became a test of how quickly I could throw down my mat for the floor work and then kick it out of the way for the cardio stuff. If I had carpeted floors this may not have been a problem.
However! I also found that it is an incredibly well-rounded workout. In design it seems to be a hybrid of pilates, bhangra, yoga, and a tiny bit of bellydance. Yes, it moves quickly, so I don't recommend this for absolute beginners, or for people who want to do everything perfectly the first time. As I mentioned before, it moves rapidly between cardio work and floor work, so the abs get a chance to move around in many different ways without being burned out on one movement. The cardio moves are quite well designed to use the core, whether its the obliques or the hip flexors. They are not moderate moves; in fact I'd say this is the most exuberant fitness routine I've ever done.
Hemalayaa as an instructor seems to be having a lot of fun, and her voiceover, incredibly, also keeps a sense of fun. Her cueing is apt and I was rarely lost. The production values are ridiculously high, so much so that I wondered if they could sell the DVD for a lower price if they just relaxed on the luxuriousness of the set. Seriously, there are throw pillows all over a beautiful Persian rug in a tent of bold brocade material. The level of detail and the feel of NOT being in a fitness film set / studio does effectively set it apart in feel from many other DVD fitness offerings.

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