Heat Wave


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The title character from ABC's hit television series Castle kicks off his new series of books featuring tough and sexy New York police detective Nikki Heat with a bang.

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Jul 4, 2013

Excellent transaction fast shipping wonderful condition. Would buy from again.


Oct 15, 2011

TV Character's Book

A quick light read. The book reads like the TV show and one can see the characters in one's mind even though the names have been changed. The barbs and innuendos of the TV show are in the book. Some of the back story has been changed, yet the basics are still there.

Judith M

Jun 16, 2011

Good Mystery!

Quick read....keeps you interested and the book is full of twists and turns to keep you reading!

Thomas J W

May 12, 2011

Pretty Good Time Waster

The first installment in the Nikki Heat books from Richard Castle is a decent read. Unlike so many tomes now issuing from mystery writers, this is a slender volume and can easily be read in an hour or so. The Heat characterization is typical for a female detective, i.e., smart, tough, in charge, with male subordinates. The perpetrators are convincing, if somewhat overdrawn, which is also typical of the modern mystery novel (or TV show, for that matter). I wonder why, for example, fictional evil-doers are always so smart and seemingly invincible, whereas actual criminals are almost uniformly stupid bunglers. Literary license, I suppose. There is an obligatory sexual encounter which can be skipped without interrupting the story flow. Good enough to read once? Yes. Would I read it again? No. But then that's true of nearly all modern fiction.

Michael H

Mar 3, 2011

The premise of the story was totally ridiculous as well unbelievable. And the size of the print was also ridiculous.

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