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While sailing in the Caribbean, young Alex Hawke witnesses an act of unspeakable horror as modern-day pirates brutally murder his parents. It is a tragedy that will haunt him forever and shape his destiny. As a direct descendant of a legandary English pirate, Lord Alexander Hawke is skilled in the ways of sea combat - and one of Britain's most decorated naval heroes. Now, Hawke returns to the Caribbean on a secret mission for the American government. A highly experimental stealth submarine is missing. She carries forty ...

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Mar 7, 2014

A potboiler unworthy of the genre.

There's nothing wrong with a book being a cheap thriller. It's like an action movie, you don't buy a ticket to be uplifted or edified. You read potboilers for the fun of it. Unfortunately, I didn't get much fun out of this. If you have a taste for such books, and one were to describe the book to you, it actually would sound very attractive. The protagonist is a handsome adventurer with lots of money who has a penchant for saving the world. Mr. Bell's writing skills however, are not up to carrying it off. His characters are caricatures. The plot is minimal and is buried in a morass of purple prose. The one good thing about the book is that it enabled me to brush up on my speed reading skills.


Mar 29, 2012


Writing was predictable, but was still entertaining. Would recommend to friends. Being a first writing, rough around the edges. Future writings should be smoother.

Wojciech C

Aug 4, 2011

Fantastic !!!

Hawke is fast paced story/adventure....trully an exciting read that's hard to put down when a Wife is calling!!!


Sep 3, 2009

Great story! I've read "Pirate" & I'm reading "Spy" now w/ "Tsar" to follow.


Apr 16, 2008

a great first novel

This is a thriller and the first in a series of books that I hope goes on for a long time. We meet Lord Alex Hawke and his band of merry men. This series is set in current times and covers our worst nightmares of what terrorism could do. Alex Hawke is James Bond for the 21st. century. The characters are well developed and loveable. The plots, while fantastic, are believable. I highly recommend this book and those that follow in the series.

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