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There was a wild crashing sound, a ripping of metal, and the plane blew through the trees, out over the water and down, down to slam into the lake . . . Brian is a city boy. Not used to living rough. Until his plane crash-lands in the Canadian wilderness. All he has is a hatchet - and a desperate will to survive. Now Brian must learn to live the hard way - or die.

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Michele C

Nov 19, 2020

for young teen boys

Great story of survival in an unfamiliar place with just a hatchet


Oct 18, 2007

Could Be Better

A child having to survive alone with nature is nothing new in children's literature. It was seen in "Island of the Blue Dolphins" and "Julie of the Wolves." Unfortunately "Hatchet" is not up to the caliber of past survival of nature tales.

The beauty of nature is lost in this tale. Brian is not sympathetic in his isolation. The lack of a likeable lead is what seriously hurts a potentially good tale.

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