Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


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First published in 1998, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" kicked off an international phenomenon. Now fans, and those new to the series, can celebrate 10 years of reading magic with this special anniversary edition featuring brand-new cover artwork by Mary Grandpr and exclusive bonus material.

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Feb 3, 2016


I love this store. Excellent tracking and the book was in the condition you said it was.


Jan 10, 2016

Seller was misleading

Book was not in good condition. Discretion should have said worn out library book

Christine G

Oct 5, 2014


If you haven't read any Harry Potter, then you have missed a great story. The story of a lonely boy with a miserable life and how, suddenly, everything changes- and not all of it is good. Fantasy's newer classic in the same lines as C.S. Lewis and J. R.R. Tolken.


Aug 21, 2013

Harry Who?

Having never seen ANY of the films of this mega-behemoth franchise, I decided to buy all 7 books to read first, before indulging in the movies. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about, and how this Harry character made Rowling a household name. I've always believed books are better than their film adaptations, and didn't want the film to 'spoil' the story for me so. After breezing through Sorcerer's Stone, I couldn't hold out to read the remaining 6 books, and decided to watch the first Potter film.

To be honest, I actually liked the films better than the books, but I 'get' the appeal children have to Rowling's series. Harry Potter includes every magical element a child could possibly want in a story. She also has a style of writing that effortlessly captures the imagination a child (or an adult who still has the heart & mind of a child) through her vivid descriptive characters. It's a quick read that isn't merely dumb-downed writing for a child's level, but has an easy flow that seamlessly draws the reader into Harry's world of wizardry.

As a bibliophile, I'm glad I bought the hardcover books - the complete set is well-worth having on the shelves of any collection. I now understand how the success of Harry Potter made JK Rowling a billionaire. I would recommend the books for any avid reader of any age who wants to escape into fantasy, or parents who want to get their children to read more.

Martha W

Aug 18, 2013

Great after all these years!

These books were replacement books as the first set got too worn out. My children love these books when they first came out and loved them still!!!

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