Harmony in My Head: UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-81 ()


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Despite the way it sometimes seems, punk wasn't the only thing happening in the U.K. during the mid-'70s. A whole bunch of bands took the good-natured feel of pub rock, the hooky melodies of the original British Invasion, and the energy of punk to come up with their own kind of power pop. It was definitely inspired by the skinny-tie power pop scene happening in the U.S., but much of it had sharper, more ragged hooks. A few artists came out of this scene to have bigger careers, like Elvis Costello and Squeeze, and some bands ...

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  1. Harmony in My Head
  2. You Belong to Me
  3. Time Goes by So Slow
  4. Take Me I'm Yours
  5. Trouble With Love
  6. Rich Kids
  7. Teenarama
  8. Born a Woman
  9. Suffice to Say
  10. First Time
  11. He's Frank (Slight Return)
  12. Sarah Smiles
  13. You Know What I?m Thinking Girl
  14. Does Stephanie Know
  15. Howard Hughes
  16. She?s Gonna Break Your Heart
  17. Teenage Crush
  18. Strike Talks
  19. Couldn?t Believe a Word
  20. This Is the Way ... Ok
  21. (You?re Gonna) Lose That Girl
  22. Can?t See
  23. Turn the Lights Out
  24. Crazy Today
  25. (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again
  26. Do Anything You Wanna Do
  27. I?ve Got a Heart
  28. The Real Me
  29. Irene
  30. I'm Sorry
  31. West One (Shine on Me)
  32. Billy
  33. Broken Doll
  34. I Never Was a Beach Boy
  35. Biff! Bang! Pow!
  36. Let's Talk About the Weather
  37. Jilly
  38. Everyday, Everyway
  39. How About Me and You
  40. UFO
  41. 9 O'Clock
  42. Shattered by It All
  43. Hey Baby
  44. Some Boys
  45. Don?t Want You Back
  46. Ruby Toot
  47. While I?m Still Young
  48. Wasting Time
  49. Curtains for You
  50. Down at the Zoo
  51. 24 Hours
  52. Look at the Outside
  53. Plain Jane
  54. Crazy Weekend
  55. Straight Lines
  56. Common Truth
  57. You're So Funny
  58. She's So Good Looking
  59. Angry With Myself
  60. My Business
  61. Now That It's Over
  62. Science Fiction (Baby You're So)
  63. Lady of the Afternoon
  64. No Money
  65. Name Dropping
  66. Out of Place
  67. Magic Roundabout
  68. Something to Tell You
  69. (I Can't) Put My Finger on You
  70. Mr. Sad
  71. Sons of Survival
  72. Happy Song
  73. Wait a Minute
  74. High Rise
  75. Drummer Man
  76. Hearts in Her Eyes
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