Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel


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Those old cows knew trouble was coming before we did. So begins the story of Lily Casey. By age six, Lily was helping her father break horses. At fifteen, she left home to teach in a frontier town -- riding five hundred miles on her pony to get to her post. She learned to drive a car, fly a plane, and with her husband, managed a vast ranch in Arizona. She raised two children, one of whom is Jeannette's memorable mother, Rosemary Smith Walls, unforgettably portrayed in The Glass Castle. Smith, Jeannette Walls's no-nonsense, ...

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Feb 4, 2013

My opinion

Good book. Enjoyed reading it. Maybe a little farfetched in some areas but made it interesting.


Nov 4, 2011

Excellent book for a book club. Shows the strenght of women. Lilly and Bob my favorites.

Daniel W

Jan 20, 2011

Western fun

Well-paced, western story not encumbered by traditional romanticized notions found in the genre. Able to provide a realistic glimpse into life during a particular interest period of US history while keeping things relatively light and entertaining.

Kathy S

Jan 7, 2011

A Good, Easy Read

If you've read The Glass Castle by Waller, you'll find Half Broke Horses is a more cheerful book. Having lived in the Mid-West for many years, I appreciate the pioneer spirit so evident in this "creative non-fiction". However, several events in Waller's first book, now make better sense after reading the prequel to Glass Castle. Both are interesting examinations of the ability to overcome adversity. Waller acknowledges the strength of the human spirit in a simple, yet unique way.


Jan 6, 2011

A Great Read!

Probably one of the best books I have read in the last year. It is one of those that is hard to put down until you have finished reading it....and then wishing there was more.

The author has the gift of making you feel like you are there from beginning to end.

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