God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything


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'This is easily the most impressive of the present crop of atheistic and anti-theistic books: clever, broad, witty and brilliantly argued.' - Sydney Morning Herald .Christopher Hitchens has been hailed as 'one of the most brilliant journalists of our time' (UK Observer ). Here he makes the ultimate case against organised religion.In God is Not Great , Hitchen tweezes through the major religious texts with forensic shrewdness. With chapters entitled Religion Kills', and Is Religion Child Abuse?', he fearlessly argues for a ...

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Greg Z

Jul 11, 2013

Time to wake up

Anyone believing that politics should be run by religious ideology should first read this book. It is a great expose' on what we are not being informed of about our faiths and their influence on the world. Many, I think, would be surprised at what is being done in the name of their faith. Very poignant facts are revealed to illustrate how religious thought in public life are poisoning the very foundations of our social structure and how religion is not held accountable when their own practices violate universal standards of decent behavior. Whether your a fundamentalist Christian, an extreme Muslim or an ultra conservative Jew, the things being done in the name of God these days is nothing short of evil and sacrilegious and Mr. Hitchens does a wonderful job of calling these supposed men of God out onto the carpet. A must read for any self critical thinker and a tour de force for all humanists.

Richard G

Mar 21, 2013

An Angry Assessment

Let me state right off that I'm rather on the other side of this argument from Mr. Hitchens. That being said, I've long admired his writing, and he is pretty effective here.
I will say that there's a lot of anger evident in this book's reasoning, and sometimes he seems to be pulling out straw men and women to serve as his examples of how evil religion is. But all in all he makes a good case worth thinking about whatever your personal beliefs are. I would love to read someone thoughtful taking on his points from the other side of the aisle.

Natalya H

May 24, 2012

Best book I have ever read about religion. Interesting, compelling and honest. It is comforting to know that there are people in this world that share my opnions especially when that someone is brilliant, articulate, educated and well informed. Very educational because I grew up in Communist Russia and I find some of the religious beliefs very similiar to comminist ideology such as a doctrinal position in both cases that "their" TRUTH is innerant and infallible.

Paul E H

Feb 23, 2012

Great Review of the problems of all religions

A must read for believers of all religious. Read why you are being poisoned by any and all religions. Hey, it is all about the power they try to exert over you and most especially if you are female!!!!


Oct 21, 2010

Open Your Mind

Should be required reading for all religionists.

That's all I had to say about it, but Alibris won't let me publish my review unless it has at least 50 characters - so here ya go!

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