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The aptly titled Glorious is the culmination of Eddie Izzard's four standup specials of the '90s, and although 1998's Dress to Kill is tough competition, it's the best of the lot. At least it's the best to hear on CD, since it's less reliant on body language than the more physical Dress to Kill. Glorious kicks right off with the Big Topics, starting with God's creation of the world and moving on to a story of Noah and the ark that beats Bill Cosby's better-known version by a country mile (not least because it points out ...

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  1. Glorious
  2. In Bed With God
  3. Noah on Speed
  4. The Tyranny of Ducks
  5. The River Styx
  6. Mystic Hopscotch
  7. Fill Me With the Gobi Desert
  8. Six Million Dollar Queen
  9. Do You Think I'm Sexy
  10. Helen of Troy
  11. Achilles Footwear
  12. A Hugh Fuck-Off Horse
  13. A Play on Nativity
  14. Crazy St. Peter
  15. Swiss Protection
  16. The Nottingham Twang
  17. My Name Is Tracy
  18. Deus Ex Machina
  19. They Lie to Us
  20. Hell in a Shower
  21. The Flight of the Volkswagen
  22. Birdsuck
  23. I've Got a Bad Feeling
  24. Death by Chocolate
  25. Armageddon
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