Girl to Grrrl Manga: How to Draw the Hottest Shoujo Manga


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This book gives artists the skills they need to get started. Readers will discover how to create the emotional content that distinguishes "shoujo manga"--strong female characters in adventure yarns or stories focusing on love and relationship--as well as how to draw authentic looking art.

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Apr 1, 2009

Manga 101

Superstar artist and top female published comic book writer Colleen Doran brings Girl to Grrrl Manga: How to Draw the Hottest Shoujo Manga. Girl to Grrrl Manga is a wonderful how to draw book spanning 127 pages and endless tutorials ranging from body sketches and human anatomy to the seven basic folds and the movement of clothing.

This book is great for Beginners, and enables them to learn the craft simply and easily. Unlike other how to draw books, Girl to Grrrl Manga is easy to follow and goes in depth with tips and pointers without the reader feeling overwhelmed.

Even if you aren't a beginner, this book might be something you want to pick up. Girl to Grrrl manga contains information for those who know the Human Anatomy and want to get new ideas or work on Details such as Coloring hair or mastering a different Shoujo Style. Two of the Shujo Styles the book goes over is the Classic Style- high romance and elaborate costumes, and the Retro Style- combining 1930s animation looks with 1960s and 1970s mod fashions and accessories.

For me, this book has helped my artistic abilities. I used to be a beginner that had problems even drawing the human body but now I can draw a full manga figure in a basic outfit. I HIGHLY recommended this book to anyone. Beginner or expert, this book will help you in your art hobby or career.

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