Girl Interrupted


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At the age of 18, Kaysen was sent to McLean Hospital, where she spent the next two years in a psychiatric ward for teenage girls. This brilliant work gives lasting and specific dimension to the defintions of sane and insane, mental illness and recovery.

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Mar 15, 2010


this story was very insightful into our minds it made me veryy appreciative of life and wanting to embrace it at one point in the book i actuelly thought i was a little bit crazy thats how much the book gets into your head i thought it was a beautiful book


Oct 15, 2007


Susanna Kaysen wrote a very touching memior. Everyone feels like at outsider at some point in their life, making it easy for readers to relate to Kaysen. She also included documents and letters during her stay at the institution. Some of the imformation is blacked out, but it helps add personality to her memior. She is witty in her style and able to draw the reader into her world.

I never thought I would like like a memior taking place inside an institutuion after a failed suicide attempt. Kaysen has a very friendly tone and an interesting look on life. Its the unusual method of the book which make it so appealing.

In general this is an excellent book to read. The movie was awful, but the book is a modern masterpeice.

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