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Like any record from a pair of nutty morning DJs, Gimme an "F" either ranks as one of the funniest comedy records you'll ever hear, or one of the most excruciating, depending on one's point of view. There's no one quite so polarizing as a morning DJ -- obnoxious standup comedians are actually more tolerable than morning DJs, mainly because they don't have the baggage of being the bastards that get you up in the morning, but also because their whole modus operandi is a little more complicated than making smutty jokes and ...

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  1. Gimme an "F"
  2. College Football
  3. Harry & The Barbie Rep
  4. Dr. Wolf & The Cosmonauts
  5. Star Wars
  6. Store-Bought Boobies
  7. My Life
  8. Marge & Suzen Johnson
  9. The Amazing Krisco
  10. The Pacemaker
  11. The Zany Report
  12. Spit-Take Theater II
  13. Daddy, Please Don't Go
  14. Harry & Larry
  15. Smoking Pot
  16. A Letter to My Penis
  17. Mr. Obvious the Dishwasher
  18. Marriage
  19. Marge & Farrah
  20. Stairway to Heaven's Gate
  21. Gamblin' Buddies
  22. Hawaii
  23. Nasty Stuff
  24. The Job Interview
  25. Spit-Take Theater III
  26. People, News, & Views
  27. The Woman Song
  28. My Girls
  29. Circumcision
  30. Tips from Uncle Larry
  31. Exit 69
  32. Twister
  33. Hot & Ready to Party
  34. Harry & Gloria
  35. The Talking Doll
  36. Bart & Nadia's Honeymoon
  37. Get Drunk with Dignity
  38. Uncle B.S.
  39. Marge & The Spice Girls
  40. Gurney See, Gurney Do
  41. The Cartoon Animal Song
  42. The Mr. Obvious Show the Turkey
  43. N.C. Double D.
  44. Santa Clothes
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