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A salvage team think they've made the find of a lifetime, until they discover there's more on board than meets the eye in this supernatural thriller. Led by Captain Sean Murphy (Gabriel Byrne), the crew of the tugboat Arctic Warrior have discovered a sideline far more lucrative than hauling ships in and out of the harbor -- they locate missing or wrecked ships in international waters, repair them until they can be brought back to port, and then sell off the ship and its contents as salvage. Acting on a tip from Jack ...

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Mar 19, 2012

More Than Merely Menacing

This one is so hauntingly good that I replaced the VHS with the DVD for my library. It has two things that thrust it above the mundane, a good script and a strong, believable female co-lead. Exciting and ethereal, there is adventure, sexuality and a mood of darkness to chill even the coldest heart. Pour a glass of Merlot, turn out the lights and become part of the ill-fated crew.

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