Garden of Rama


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In the year 2130 a mysterious spaceship, Rama, arrived in the solar system. It was huge, but empty - apparently abandoned. By the time Rama departed for its next unknown destination many wonders had been uncovered, but few mysteries solved. Only one thing was clear: everything the enigmatic builders of Rama did, they did in threes. Eighty years later the second alien craft arrived in the solar system. This time, Earth had been waiting. Now Rama II is on its way out of the solar system. Aboard it are three humans, two men ...

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Apr 4, 2007

scientific wonders reveal new "things"

This is the third book in the Rama series but it unfortunately continues to develop in the slow and very unhurried pace of the previous books. I wanted something more, and faster by the end of the book. I was getting tire of being dragged along and starting to wonder just how many books the series would encompass....however not too much more remains!!

The sense of fear continues to pervade the wondrous new discoveries on the massive alien ship. The awakening life forms begin to expand rapidly giving the reader something to sink his teeth into. Will it be enough to convince you to continue on the journey that is offered here?

A well written tale with great flow, but is shot on the plot development side of things which may leave the reader too bored to continue.

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