Garden Spells


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A magical, utterly delicious debut that will cast its charm over everyone who loved Chocolat or Fried Green Tomatoes.Bascom, North Carolina is a town where everyone is known for their family's characteristics, passed down through generations. One family's women are good in bed: they always marry well. One family gives birth to a strong man - always called Josiah - once in a generation (you go to him to help you when you move house).The Waverleys are known for their magic touch: Evanelle, who's lived in Bascom all her life, ...

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Carol S

May 2, 2013

Love this book

Good read--perks you up when you're feeling down. Everyone I've loaned it to also has loved it


Aug 25, 2009


This book was just magical! I love fantasy, love, magic, and mystery combined into one story!!! I didn't want this book to end! I wanted to move to the little made-up NC town and become a member of their family! I want an apple tree in my backyard that throws apples! I want to be the best cook ever and create dishes that change people's lives magically!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!


May 23, 2009

A must read

Ms. Allen is a wonderful storyteller. This book is a must read if you enjoy reading a book that makes you cry, laugh and cheer. The author's words paints beautiful pictures in your mind.


Oct 20, 2008

Magical and wonderful, book of love and acceptance

The house of Waverley had always held something magical for the women who lived in it and the town that lived around it. Claire had made good use of the flowers that bloomed under that magical apple tree, she had made a good career catering to the whims of the town, now that her sister had come home, and a new man had moved in next door, her world had been turned upside down.

This is the debut novel for Sarah Addison Allen, WOW, this book is so good I can?t write out a synopsis because I am so afraid of giving away too much. The character dynamics are fantastic, I fell in love with Claire, Tyler, Evenelle and all the rest. I really enjoyed the magical elements to the apple tree, the gift giving, the sense of placement and belonging. They were so subtle at times that it made you believe in the possibility of it all. I felt chills, laughed out loud, cried, cringed and even yelled at the book, I was so enveloped in this book I was talking to the apple tree myself. Absolutely wonderful and magical book of romance, family love, and acceptance.


Oct 19, 2008


I really enjoyed this story. It's a cozy read about love, family relationships, and magical spells. Each person in the family that this story surrounds has a place in your heart that you pull for each individual that everything will work out for them. It was a nice read to escape from real world issues.

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