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America's best-loved culinary expert brings together her most "magnifique" French recipes in a lavish new trade edition of her classic cookbook. The featured recipes are slightly simplified versions of the classic ones in Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." of photos.

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Walter S

Jul 18, 2014

Excellent original recipes

This is a wonderful recipe collection. I used to own it and it was lost when we moved. I was very happy to find a copy at A Libris


Aug 25, 2011

Arrived in good condition and as advertised.

Arrived in good condition and as advertised.

I found it useful and interesting reading.


Dec 3, 2009

This book is great. I purposely bought an old copy and it is such fun to read.


Oct 16, 2009

My Wife Loves It

I didn't get this book for myself, so understand that this review is second-hand. I got it for my wife as part of a Julia Child theme birthday gift (she got the pearls, too) after I had taken her to see the movie "Julie & Julia". She couldn't put it down and was noting pages and recipes while wearing her new pearls. It is a very unique cookbook as you would expect from Julia Child. Any cook (or kook) would love it.


Sep 28, 2009

Are you hooked on Julia Child since the movie?

If you have been ordering the old French Chef TV series to watch, purchasing a lot of eggs, butter and cream, this is the book you want. I am enjoying it a lot. It isn't just recipes from the TV series, it has a lot of background on Julia and how the series was produced. Not all of this was in Julie and Julia, the new movie. I tend to read cookbooks as novels and collect vintage cookbooks so I see history in the making in them. Since we have been watching The French Chef series we weren't writing out the recipes, except now we see they aren't all in this book. That was disappointing. But it does say which show # a recipe is from. We have been cooking from the book and find it a delight. Being a pocketbook paperback with a tight binding doesn't make it easy to lay out and read the recipe. But all in all, it is a delight to cook and eat these lovely recipes and read the stories that come along with it. A little more fun is that the recipe titles are in English and French so we are picking up a little French, and think we are sounding quite cosmopolitan to boot. Voila!

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