For a Few Demons More


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Rachel Morgan is back and there are more sexy bounty-hunting witches, cunning demons and vicious vampires than ever before. FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE is the fifth instalment of Kim Harrison's New York Times bestselling series. Bargaining with demons has left Rachel Morgan in constant danger of losing her soul. As if being famous in the underworld - for all the wrong reasons - and sharing her home with a vampire and her jealous girlfriend didn't make her vulnerable enough, one night Rachel finds ...

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Feb 10, 2011

Now I Know...

I enjoy this series, mostly b/c of Jenks and all of the crazy demons. It took me a minute to figure out who Rachel reminds me of and it finally came to me; Stephanie Plum but not quite as incompetent. Rachel always gets into trouble and has to rely on someone elseto get her out!


Jan 7, 2010

Great Book

great writing and the story line just keeps improving. Loved it.


Sep 6, 2007

Another awesome installment of life in the "Hollows."


May 29, 2007

Harrison again delivers!

This was very fun to read and hard to put down. If you like all the other Hollow series, you will like this as well. I'm as addicted to Harrison's works as Jenks is to honey. There are the vamps, the weres, the magick, the demons, the elves and the pixies. There are plenty of hormones and emotions in this book. Rachael is a charachter we can never get sick of. This book again shows us why.

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