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It was big alright. Far bigger than any craft any human had seen. It had been decelerating for weeks and it was still travelling fast enough to escape the sun's gravity with ease. Now it was headed for Earth.

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Julian B

Nov 24, 2015

A GREAT read

OK, let me get this out of the way first; this book is about 500 pages long, and there are some folks who simply won't pick up a book that long, so this review is not for them. Also, it's science fiction - a story about an alien invasion of earth by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle - and some folks won't read SF. And I'll admit it; the first 400 pages of this book, although interesting and fun, are basically there to set up the last 100 pages. BUT - if you read the book from the beginning and stick with it, the last 100 pages are TERRIFIC! I read about 100 books a year and I am in my 60's, so I have read a LOT of books; this book probably has the most exciting and satisfying ending of any of the thousands of books I have read. I sometimes re-read books that I really like; I have read this book straight through several times, and it's a fun read, but -even better - about once a year I get the book off the shelf and read just the last 100 pages. And I always get a kick out of it - man, these guys can write!!

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