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AN ESCAPED KIDNAPPING VICTIM BECOMES AN AVENGER OF INNOCENTS. CAN SHE ESCAPE WHEN SHE'S TARGETED AGAIN? The eighth novel in Sunday Times bestseller Lisa Gardner's Detective D. D. Warren series. Harlan Coben says FIND HER is 'taut psychological suspense' which 'should not be missed'. I ESCAPED My name is Flora Dane and I was kidnapped from a beach on spring break. I spent 472 days with my captor before I was found. I SURVIVED I spent the last five years trying to reacquaint myself with the rhythms of my life. But everything ...

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Aug 7, 2018


Let's see. How to begin a gripping story?
How about opening with a young woman waking up in a coffin-shaped pine box?
Yeah. That works!

Maine native Flora Dane is kidnapped during spring break in Florida.
For 472 days she is held captive and abused by loathsome predator Jacob Ness.
Ness dies in a seedy Georgia motel room on the day that the FBI rescues Nora.
Emotionally and physically scarred, her nightmare is far from, or may never be, over.
The authorities want to hear story.
She agrees. On one condition.
She'll only tell her story once and only to one person, FBI victim specialist Dr. Samuel Keynes.
Flora does not tell him everything.

Five years later.
Boston Police Sergeant Detective D.D. Warren is at a crime scene.
On the floor of a detached garage is the chemically burned body of Devon Goulding, abductor.
Found with him is a naked, bound and beaten woman.
The person responsible for Goulding's fate.
Flora Dane!

D.D. discovers that this is Flora's fourth "self defense" incident within 5 years.
Is she some kind of vigilante?
The detective and her team uncover evidence of other missing women.

The very next day Flora awakens to find herself handcuffed in a pitch-black room.
With a coffin-shaped pin box on the floor.
It's happening...again!
Oh. My. God.

Ms. Gardner's research into, and knowledge of, psychology, in particular victim psychology, elevates her work over many others in the genre.
And the writing.
And the suspense.
By the final chapters it might be a good idea to have medical personnel nearby.


Feb 9, 2016

D.D. Warren Novel!

Find Her is Lisa Gardner's latest D.D. Warren book (the eighth book in series). Florence "Flora" Dane was kidnapped seven years previously and held captive for 472 days by Jacob Ness (what a horrible experience). Flora has never returned to the happy go lucky girl she was before the attack. Sergeant Detective D.D. Warren is called out to a scene and finds Flora Dane naked with zip ties on her wrists. A bartender "rescued" her at a bar and then kidnapped her. Flora used resources in the garage (where he put her) to attack him. The man is now dead (and a little crispy). Warren finds out that this is the fourth such incident that Flora has been involved in. Was Flora an innocent victim in these incidents or a vigilante?

Stacey Summers, a Boston College student, is missing. No one has been able to find her. Then Flora goes missing. Are the cases related? Was Flora kidnapped or is she trying to rescue Stacey on her own (playing vigilante again)? Follow D.D. Warren as she sets out to find both women.

Find Her is different from Lisa Gardner's other books. The majority of the book is written from the victim's point-of-view. How it feels to be kept in a small box by a kidnapper. It goes on for many, many pages. It was just not enjoyable or a good part of the book. I like the crime. Following the mystery to the end (this part of the book was good). These parts with the victim (what she was thinking, doing, what the attacked did to her) seemed to drag and were difficult to get through (I started skimming through them). I give Find Her 3.5 out of 5 stars. The novel is just not up to Lisa Gardner's normal standards. This will not, though, stop me from reading her books in the future.

I received a complimentary copy of Find Her from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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