Financial Peace


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Ramsey--a businessman and entrepreneur who earned four million dollars, only to lose it all and everything else he owned by getting too far into debt--shares the valuable lessons he has learned--financially, emotionally, and spiritually--in this new edition of this entertaining guide for anyone who wants to achieve freedom from financial stress. Worksheets.

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Sep 5, 2013

Common sense defined

Great book.. Some of what is in it, I already knew. But, this is a check up from the neck up. Discipline is the only way to survive the financial world. Great read and easy to understand.


Mar 22, 2012

A must read

This book is a wonderful guideline foundated in principals for wise money management. Each chapter builds upon the prior for easy understanding and application of set forth principals. This is a must read for anyone who is interested in taking control of their finanical welfare.


Mar 11, 2010

Money and Wisdom Work Together

This book will revolutionize anyone's finances!! I thought it would be more "tell you what to do" but it was only filled with great guidance and wise info concerning finances!! Dave Ramsey is on the money with it!! I know I have learned enough to apply the principles in the book!


Oct 1, 2009

Financial Peace

From skimming the book for now, am very happy with what it has application for my situation. Just that am pre occupied with other more pressing health issues, as soon as they are back under control, will get back to the book, asap, as that is another pressing area of need of my time. Thank you

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