Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ()

directed by Takeshi Nozue, Tetsuya Nomura
featuring Takahiro Sakurai, Ayumi Ito, Shotaru Morikubo

Show Synopsis

A strange disease is decimating the land and it's up to the Hero cloud to emerge from solitude and defeat a new breed of enemy in the computer animated feature that picks up where Final Fantasy VII left off. It has been two years since the events of Final Fantasy VII, and though the ruins of Midger still stand to show the sacrifices made for peace, a new threat to mankind has arrived. With the citizens of the countryside falling deathly ill and old enemies rising from the ashes to seek revenge, Cloud must leap back into ...


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Feb 3, 2011

Final Fantasy, a movie

If you like Final Fantasy or just Cloud you should like this movie. I won't tell you anything about the story, I'll let you watch it yourself. Let me just say that if you care about the story of Final Fantasy VII, you'll want to watch this.

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