Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq


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Cutting through the headlines and spin, this is the first book to give us a true picture of the reality on the ground, through the words of the people there - from commanders to intelligence officers, army doctors to ordinary soldiers. Providing eye-witness accounts that contradict the official stories and figures, they give a chilling picture of the deceit, stupidity, wishful thinking, lack of forward planning and total intellectual failure of those behind the invasion. The result is an extraordinary new insight into the ...

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Thomas H. A

Nov 4, 2014


Rick's stands out as an extraordinary researcher and an excellent writer. This combination gets the reader beyond the nightly news and morning newspaper opinions. Bottom-line, the focus of the book, Iraq and our military involvement in Iraq, makes it terribly clear that although this country had good intentions for moving into Iraq, it's questionable as to what we've done since, militarily. Rick's presents the facts and figures. He captures the essence of what our military has done, why it was done, and whether it produced a good or bad result in Iraq. What Rick's has done for all of us, the average American, is to make us aware of our successes and failures militarily in Iraq. Rick's, building on Socrate's belief that a life unexamined is not worth living, is asking us to closely examine what are country is doing in Iraq and indicating that we, all of us, need to examine all of the details closely and act upon our conclusion. Rick's makes you think about who we are, what we've done and leaves it to us, the average American, to decide where we go from here. An absolutely outstanding book!

James S

Feb 10, 2014

He Is Wrong

Needs to review his facts more. Not sure he ever really gets the point across.


Jan 22, 2009


A must read for anyone wishing to know more about the latest Neocons adventure which has affected millions, destroyed a country and destabilised a region.

The research is accurate & the comments reflect the tragedy of letting the loonies (NEOCONS) RUN THE ASYLUM.


Apr 6, 2007

Excellent early study of the Iraq War

Well written, balanced work evaluating America's early efforts in Iraq. Provides detailed assessments of the successes and failures associated with the Iraq invasion, focusing on the post-invasion plan (hence the title). Useful "coulda-shoulda-woulda" discussions and pointy assessments of senior officer and Adminstration performance. Recent sweeping changes in American strategy suggest that this book's recommendations are on track. Complementary work to "COBRA II", which focused on the intial invasion.

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