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At first, it's a little difficult to determine where the Knife ends and Fever Ray begins. On paper, it's clear -- the Knife is the project of Karin Dreijer and their brother Olof, while Fever Ray is Karin with co-producers Christoffer Berg, Van Rivers, and the Subliminal Kid -- but the differences aren't as distinct when listening to Fever Ray the first few times. Initially, the album's dark, frosty atmosphere feels like a continuation of the Knife's brilliant Silent Shout, and the oddly bouncy rhythms on songs like ...

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  1. If I Had a Heart
  2. When I Grow Up
  3. Dry and Dusty
  4. Seven
  5. Triangle Walks
  6. Concrete Walls
  7. Now's the Only Time I Know
  8. I'm Not Done
  9. Keep the Streets Empty for Me
  10. Coconut
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penny k

Dec 26, 2013

Not as good as expected

This CD contains a track that interested me, so I'm satisfied with it, but on the whole it is not as good as I expected, hence the three stars.

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