Fear and loathing in Las Vegas; a savage journey to the heart of the American dream


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Dec 8, 2008

Easy read but hard to follow plot

Hunter S. Thompson wrote this story based on past events in his life. After reading through this story, your view of how crazy someone?s life can really be will b e changed forever. The stories he tells throughout the book are completely insane and usually drug induced. Humor throughout the book is pretty prevalent. I found myself laughing out loud throughout much of it. Much of the humor isn?t because of him saying something funny but rather the outrageousness of the situations. These situations would include attending police conventions and casinos while heavily under the influence of hallucinogens, uppers, downers, and intoxicants. However funny the story was, the plot was sometimes hard to follow. As well as the plot, the characters in the story were sometimes hard to follow along with. I couldn?t tell if Thomson was referring to himself or to another person. Fortunately there is a movie to go along with the book. I have not seen it yet but I feel it might clear up some questions that I have about the story. For the grand total I would give this book three stars only because of the hardness to follow of the plot and characters. The funniness and ridiculousness of the story made up for the negative side. I would recommend this story to someone who enjoys reading nonfiction and fiction stories.


Oct 5, 2007

the bombbadda

Just an overall good book. Was very funny, really enphasized on the drug reallity of whichever drug it was they did. Not that I would know. but I watched the movie before I read the book so it was kinda all too expected.

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