Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him


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In this critical biography of the iconic communist revolutionary, and an expos of the liberals who lionize him, Cuban exile Fontova shows that Che wasn't really a gentle soul and a selfless hero but a violent Communist and perpetrator of atrocities.

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Jun 29, 2007

Required reading

This very readable book explodes the prevalent lies that Che was a great thinker, a great man of the people, a great leader, and an all-around great guy. Unfortunately, this very readability will probably keep it from the shelves of many college libraries, where it could conceivably have done some good; liberal academics will undoubtedly object on the grounds that it lacks what they would consider proper gravitas, although all of the facts presented are thoroughly documented by reliable sources. Still, if your children come home with Che t-shirts or other accoutrement, don't let them out of the house until they've read this book. Read it yourself and you'll understand why. Che's image is not just another picture, and such seemingly harmless foolishness is not just a fashion statement. It is indoctrination, and it is not just a phase that they'll outgrow.

Thank you, Mr. Fontova, for making the truth available. Now, if only people will bother to read and believe it.

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