Everything and the Moon


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Victoria Lyndon, a vicar's daughter, and Robert Kemble, the Earl of Macclesfield, fall in love, yet their fathers oppose the match. They plan to elope, but Victoria is detained by her father. Thinking she has abandoned him, Robert leaves town. Seven years pass before they meet again. Can they overcome their past and trust again?

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Jun 26, 2009

A wonderful story of star-crossed lovers! Julia Quinn's novels are usually hit or miss - more hit than miss, but there are a few disappointing ones - but this one is one of her hits.

Victoria and Robert are absolutely adorable together. Unlike most tall, dark, and brooding heroes in most romance novels, Robert is tall and dark and absolutely endearing. A closet geek, his scientific and supremely organized approach to everything is his downfall when trying to win Victoria's heart after 7 years of misunderstandings.

Victoria is sweet, independent and has a wonderful sense of humor - necessary when dealing with Robert and his quirks. She has always loved Robert, never stopped, but after being burned the first time she was in love with him, she is deeply wary of him when he makes his reapperance in her life.

A wonderful story that had me grinning and wincing as the characters work through their issues, I simply adore this book. There's also a cameo appearance of the Duke of Ashbourne, the hero of another Quinn novel ;p

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